To the one I have distanced myself from,

 To the one I have distanced myself from,

Sometimes, the heart doesn’t know what it wants until it finds out what it wants. And I thought distancing myself from you could help my heart a little. It was an instict and I am not very proud of it.

You were everything I ever wanted. We understood each other well and had great complementary strength. I had opened up to you more than I had ever before to anyone. You bought out the best in me.

But I think the spark disappeared. It all started with mere disagreement on things. And turned out that we wanted different things in life. Basically, we grew up.

The time we lost contact, I went through a bit of a rough patch. Eventually, I realised that I am a catalyst to my own happiness and maybe, what’s coming is better than what’s gone.

There have been days when I have wanted to talk to you so bad and it wasn’t easy to convince myself that it’s not the same anymore. I am trying to embrace all of these changes, but I am having trouble adjusting to it.

I often think that I have a major self destructive streak in me. Well, I had to do what’s right. It was either living with myself or being happy. I chose the former. At the end of the day, It doesn’t matter who you have been with, it matters who you end up with.


IIT Madras researchers have discovered a new material to effectively split Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen using Solar Power.

IIT Madras researchers have discovered a new material to effectively split Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen using Solar Power. This research is expected to create a renewed interest in solar fuels domain, which can potentially bring the conversion and storage part in a single system, thereby reducing the cost per kWh of solar energy.

The material discovered is a good photovoltaic material and at the same time remain stable in water medium.

The Solar Energy Research Group (SERG) at IIT Madras, led by Dr. Aravind Kumar Chandiran, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, is specializing in the development of materials and devices architectures for solar cells, solar water splitting to hydrogen fuels, carbon dioxide recycling and metal-air batteries for electric vehicles. 

This research paper has been published in the reputed peer-reviewed chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition. It was co-authored by Dr. Aravind Kumar Chandiran and SERG’s research scholar Mr. Muhammed Hamdan.

Solar energy conversion to electricity and their storage at a very low cost is an integral part of renewable energy research, to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and in turn move out of anthropogenic greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

It is an immediate requirement to develop low-cost solar energy conversion and storage systems that can produce energy equal to lower than the cost of grid power. 

Several hundreds of research papers were published on improving the robustness of this material in oxygen and humid conditions, by selectively tuning the constituent atoms. However, only a partial ambient stability is being achieved and, these state-of-the-art materials still decompose instantly when they come in contact with water.

The SERG’s research scholar Mr. Muhammed Hamdan, while investigating materials for solar cells, discovered a ‘halide perovskite’ (Cs2PtI6), which completely absorbs the entire visible light and remains extremely stable in ambient. This material is also found to be stable in strong acids and bases

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Don’t look back, you are not going to your past

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With every year passing by, you yearn to enter a new and better phase in your life. Memories are bitter-sweet and integral parts of our lives. You want to change, yet letting go of the past seems so difficult.

You want your life to be blissful. But, whenever you attempt to take a step forward instantly, you take ten steps backward. You are the one prohibiting yourself from having a good life.

You have undergone pain in the past. You have been let down too many times. Failures have stared at you in the face. You have been left alone at the hardest of times. Slowly, you lost faith.

So, you decided to hold grudges. Who do you suppose to hurt by grasping onto those memories? Neither those past situations nor will those people will change. Life is a tad bit cruel. Bad experiences left you scarred for life. When you revisit the past, no one else is afflicted but you. You are bruising yourself more than anyone else could.

There are times when you have to stand there, take the most difficult of decisions and still smile. You feel exhausted and you rush back to the past.

If you keep looking back how can you heal? Let go of the past that bruised you. 
Pack up your troubled thoughts in a case and throw it into the deepest corner of your soul. Without pain, healing cannot happen. Change is difficult but necessary.

Stop scouring those wounds. Let them heal. With time, you will get what you desire. You will find the affection you have been craving for. You will find people who truly care. You will be the person you aspire to be.

None of this can happen if you keep on running back to your past. Take a leap of faith and let go of the pain. Don’t look back because you are not going that way. Darkness always desists to welcome the dawn. Walk down the path and welcome the light. Trust me you won’t regret it.

Dil Bechar

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Dear Manny,

How long does it take to make a person smile, who might have not done so for years? Maybe because that person is not as normal as you and me. Yes, that’s what I thought about you as the movie started, ‘normal.’ Very few have the guts to cheer up someone when you, yourself are suffering. You gave someone a ray of hope to live when the countdown had already started.

Giving away little parts of your happiness to take away someone’s sorrow costs nothing, you proved it and you made us believe life is not about ‘me’ and ‘myself’, it’s about ‘us.’_

“Janam kab Lena hai aur Marna kab hai hum decide nahi Kar sakte par Kaise Jeena hai Woh hum decide kar sakte hai”

Your way of living wasn’t ordinary, you were not normal, you were special, and you made everyone around you feel it. You knew how to live in the little moments of life, which we all ignore worrying about tomorrow. You knew to embrace the gift of life. Somehow, you did teach us to live our life to our fullest today and not to wait for tomorrow. You never lost hope, even when your days were numbered.

“Mai bohut bade bade Sapne dekhta hun lekin usko Pura Karne ka man nahi Karta”
You gave your entire life, to fulfill someone else’s dream, how selfless were you.

Guess what? JP’s bhojpuri film turned out be a superhit. It made us cry till our hearts ached and finally, you became what you had wanted to, all along; a hero. You ruled our hearts and our eyes.

You lived life as if it was the last day you’d see the world. And living life to the fullest in all the time you have, is all that counts, doesn’t it?

Seeing you for the first time, dancing on Thalaiva’s tunes with JP, we realised how lively, funny and playful you were. You instantly put a smile on our face. Quite effortlessly.

Even if you were dying of Osteosarcoma, all you ever cared was about Kizzie’s dreams. You held onto her, took her to meet Abhimanyu Veer, completed “Main Tumhara” and you gave her a forever within the numbered days. And trust us, we really felt jealous of JP because he had a friend like you and we didn’t.

Not only did Kizzie, but we all pretended that you weren’t dying, that you weren’t going anywhere. But just like Kizzie says, cancer and happiness don’t go well together. And with time, we lost you. We had to face an inevitable ending, which we all were fearing about.

Know that, your love story will never end and neither will our love for you. Because just how you gave us an infinite number of emotions in a limited amount of time, we gave you an infinite amount of space in our hearts forever.

“Seri?” “Seri.”

But then, like every other story, this ends too. It started with a beautiful arc of smile on our faces and ended up with teary eyes. Perhaps, someone has truly said, “everything will be good in the end, and if it’s not goodz it’s not the end.” True, it’s not an end, because you’ll always reside in our hearts to make us smile, to teach us how to live life, how to embrace it and to make us realise why is it important to live every second of your lives, because nobody knows, if there’s a tomorrow or maybe not.

You’ll be missed, Manny.

Someone who needs a Manny in life. #dilbechara #sushantsinghrajput #jamshedpur #ssr #sushanthsinghrajput #faultinourstars #SushantSingh

Morning Motivation

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We all know that by doing something again and again and again we get good at it, after some time we repeat it even unknowingly. ⁣
But it applies for both good and bad deeds. When we repeatedly commits sins, it destroys our logical thinking and our knowledge and wisdom. By the time our neural connections wore themselves in such a way that we tend to repeat those bad things again and again. ⁣
What’s the solution….. Its in the problem itself…..start doing good deeds, be nice, be kind, and then repeat the process, you will get good in that also. ⁣

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

When you master your mindset, you free yourself to achieve the level of success you desire.

To the one who tolerates every insult,

To the one who tolerates every insult,

Listening to insults does hurt a lot, doesn’t it? They search for a reason and when find one, they exploit it to shower all repelling words upon, making you doubt yourself.

Bearing them with patience is tough, something you don’t need to punish yourself to do. They are one of the greatest obstacles in your path of self-esteem and acceptance. Don’t mistake them for your critics, for they don’t offer any genuine criticism marked by the boundary of respect. They spread hatred and instigate everyone against you and you need to be beware of them.

The failure of accomplishing or standing up to someone else’s expectations is no blatant excuse to insult someone. However different or unsuccessful you are, you shall not bear their ingratitude with silence. Gulping them down your throat only demeans your value, not theirs. You need to silence them, for your self-respect cannot be put into fire just because some arrogant, self-centered people insult you.

Your right to your dignity is something no one should attempt to snatch away from you and you need to fight to preserve what is yours. Next time someone insults you, fire back. Not with insults, but fill them with guilt and assert your independence. It will make them tremble and they will feel ashamed. Remember, they don’t criticise you but search for a reason to derogate your worth. So stand up and defend yourself and don’t put your self – confidence at stake.

Yours lovingly,
A fighter.


Scientific studies suggest that there is over 40 billion planets in our milky way galaxy that can sustain life. There might be many intelligent alien civilizations out there and their technology may surpass ours. They might be friendly or hostile. It is also possible that extraterrestrials are already among us or they are controlling us from another dimension and we cannot perceive it. They may have answers to many of our unsolved mysteries. They might be so powerful, so they can wipe us out of this planet. Alien species may arrive at any moment…
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What type of feeling it is?

You probably spend half of your days with your friends. You’ve laughed, cried, and grown up with the crazy ones. It’s quite easy to make friends, but a little difficult to get accepted by them. Every relationship is both way around, but some relationships are different. Like you and your friends, you love them, but not sure, if they feel the same for you.

You’re always treated like a backup, like that extra pen, which they use when they don’t have any option. You’re that late option, they need when everyone else is busy. They invite you in their parties, just only to make fun of you. Basically, you’re the lucky one because they know, they have your back and the unlucky one at the same time, as you know that you don’t have their back. Each time you ask it out, they deny it, saying you’re different. Seems, you’re not ‘enough’ to get along with them. They label you as ‘boring.’_

People say falling in love is the best feeling. But trust me, you’ll get butterflies in your stomach the day you meet a real friend, who will make you comfortable when you be yourself. You’re not boring, but in a wrong company. Some day, someone will rescue you from this prison. The people you call your friends are nothing but a bunch of ruthless people. You’ll lose nothing when you leave, but they’ll definitely lose a gem in you.

Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar 

Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar 

Tesla never told that the infinity knot has a place where two loops come close, like they are holding hands, criss crossed.

One hand is yours and the other the world’s. We don’t pull back our hands, the world does and in that moment, you feel a lump everywhere a word could fit so a rope seems better to hold words from falling apart and hands from pulling away. Knowing things differently is tiring.

Metaphysical knowledge makes you a culprit in a place where the origin of everything is rotating between thoughts of all those who are loud. Your heart cannot beat louder than mouths.

If it could, it would never stop beating. Your silence is the edge of the cliff and it pushes you to shout in order to be heard. And you shout, you ask for help but everything is temporary on the edge of the cliff, especially the loose rocks and whilst you shout, all the rocks fall and so do you.

The noise was an accident, it will always be when silence comes back to you, this time forever. There are days when you lie down with half closed eyes thinking what it’s like to keep them open as long as you can, there are days you wanna leave them open forever, but without blinking.

In between these, are days when you are struggling to live for knowing things that nobody knows, to be blamed for knowing them, speaking on the same edge of the cliff, slowly because if you speak loud, even for a minute, the rocks would fall and so would you.

No one would know it wasn’t an accident because it will always be called one. -Vishwaraj 🍁🎭✍️
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Carbon nanotube composites can reduce vibrations in automobiles

IIT Madras Researchers show how carbon nanotube composites can reduce vibrations in automobiles.

Polymer composites – materials formed by combining polymers with various additives – have been used for various purposes. Many polymers, with various types of reinforcing fillers, are used from automobile parts to construction components.

The outstanding properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can tremendously improve the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of polymers. Of the numerous attractive properties of CNT-polymer composites, their vibration damping properties make them useful in aerospace, automobile, and construction industries.

The research team used Multiwalled CNTs (MWCNT) synthesized by different techniques and loaded them into Epoxy polymers. MWCT’s are made of concentric tubes of carbon, and the slide between the layers are believed to damp vibrations.

Prof. Prathap Haridoss, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras, along with his co-scientists and research students at the institute, are working towards developing and testing interesting polymer composites.

The results of this research have been recently published in the reputed peer-reviewed international journal Nanoscale Advances. The paper was co-authored by Dr. Anand Joy, Dr. Susy Varughese, Dr. Anand K. Kanjarla, Dr. S. Sankaran, and Prof. Prathap Haridoss.

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