Inspiring Story of Giulia Bassani , Italian Aerospace engineering Student

Meet Giulia Bassani (@astro_giulia). 
She’s an Italian 21-year-old student of aerospace engineering, a novelist and a TED speaker, pursuing her goal to become an Astronaut.

Giulia has already published 2 novels centered around Mars and aviation that sold hundreds of copies worldwide. After winning a prize with a Mars base project at 17, she’s been studying the feasibility of human missions to the Red Planet for 4 years now.

In fact she’s also working on 2 international researches about Mars colonization sustainability and cosmic radiation, other than studying Russian and Chinese.

On top of that, last year she was nominated Italy’s national coordinator for the Moon Village Association, in 2018 she was invited by the European Space Agency to watch an Ariane rocket launch in Kourou, and in 2020 she held a TED Talk to tell her story!

Credit for the photo with the Starship goes to @mr.kalopsia
In collaboration with @astro_giulia.

#spacex #nasa #astronaut #starship #LaunchAmerica #cyberquad #Cybertruck #occupymars #nukemars


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