DARK – The end is the beginning.

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Dark [ German witis the greatest science fiction or probably the best show ever made. [ probably because I am yet to explore most of the great shows but still can’t expect anything better than this ].

The storyline of the show seems complex to understand initially because of the fact that it had too much to explore throughout its story arc that you can’t understand everything by the time you are watching it but things get clear as you move forward with the storyline and there are many moments that make you realise that the hint was always there but it’s you who failed to understand earlier. The screenplay gets pretty much confusing many times yet it manages to engage you for every single moment.

The Multi-Layered, Beautifully crafted piece of Writing & the narration through Several Parallel Timelines and World Gives you good exercise for your mind and No matter how much you try to solve the mystery the show always remains at least 2 steps ahead of you and keeps throwing the Mind f**king twists at regular intervals. The show keeps you reminding the dialogue ” What you know is a Drop, what you don’t know is an ocean” which fits perfectly to your journey of the show itself.

The Creators of the show @baranboodar is an absolute genius. The way he manages to pull off the unimaginable stuff and hardly gives you anything to complain [ other than too much complexity that might frustrate you sometime ] throughout the 26 Episode & 3 seasons can’t be described in any word. The Moment towards the end when you realise that there were so many hints about the conclusion & main theme of the show and everything you are watching now is definitely preplanned from the very first episode makes you respect this man more and more.

The Performances by each and every actor in the show is also an absolute delight to watch. The story arc and subplots for each character is brilliantly done in a balanced way. The cinematography, editing and the other technical aspects of the show are also top Notches. Overall its a Well Crafted Show with several Takeaways & learning which I failed to mention here. EPIC MASTERPIECE ❤

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