Priorities yourself first

things you should never apologise for

i) being your first priority 
it is your warm arms which wrap themselves around you and provide you a sense of security at 3am. when you take care of yourself; you serve as a helping hand to others too, with eyes full of light.

ii) standing up for yourself 
you are brave yet soft. no matter who it is, if they are pulling you down in any way, you stand up for yourself because you respect yourself and won’t let anyone run over you in exchange of anything. abuse in any form is not acceptable. 

iii) saying no 
you do not have to go out of your way to help someone who may or may not to do the same for you. you cannot always be the ‘go to person’ and it’s okay. saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you bad, rather it makes you honest. 

iv) following your dreams 
one of the most beautiful things in this world is to be able to follow the path that leads to your dreams, and to live them is no less than a fantasy. but sometimes, following your dreams may cost you important people and moments of your life but remember, those who love you will always stay. 

v) leaving those who are toxic – choosing your mental health 
loving someone yet not staying with them anymore because they cause you sadness more than happiness is okay. at times, you stumble back to those memories where you both were happy and your heart yearns for you to go back to them, but you do not. no, it is not harsh of you; it is you doing the right thing. 

vi) needing time for yourself 
as much as we need everyone else in our lives, we need ourselves too. we need us to pick up ourselves when we fall down. sometimes, you take a break to focus on yourself and it is okay. it is not selfish of you to take out time for yourself and do things that you enjoy doing, for anything, it is therapy and a stem of self love. 

vii) being yourself
you can like any colour or wear anything, be your own trend setter. you can add pineapple on your pizza and choose beer over red wine, it does not matter until and unless you are being yourself. you do not change yourself for anyone else but yourself, for your personal growth.

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