Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar 

Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar 

Tesla never told that the infinity knot has a place where two loops come close, like they are holding hands, criss crossed.

One hand is yours and the other the world’s. We don’t pull back our hands, the world does and in that moment, you feel a lump everywhere a word could fit so a rope seems better to hold words from falling apart and hands from pulling away. Knowing things differently is tiring.

Metaphysical knowledge makes you a culprit in a place where the origin of everything is rotating between thoughts of all those who are loud. Your heart cannot beat louder than mouths.

If it could, it would never stop beating. Your silence is the edge of the cliff and it pushes you to shout in order to be heard. And you shout, you ask for help but everything is temporary on the edge of the cliff, especially the loose rocks and whilst you shout, all the rocks fall and so do you.

The noise was an accident, it will always be when silence comes back to you, this time forever. There are days when you lie down with half closed eyes thinking what it’s like to keep them open as long as you can, there are days you wanna leave them open forever, but without blinking.

In between these, are days when you are struggling to live for knowing things that nobody knows, to be blamed for knowing them, speaking on the same edge of the cliff, slowly because if you speak loud, even for a minute, the rocks would fall and so would you.

No one would know it wasn’t an accident because it will always be called one. -Vishwaraj 🍁🎭✍️
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