What type of feeling it is?

You probably spend half of your days with your friends. You’ve laughed, cried, and grown up with the crazy ones. It’s quite easy to make friends, but a little difficult to get accepted by them. Every relationship is both way around, but some relationships are different. Like you and your friends, you love them, but not sure, if they feel the same for you.

You’re always treated like a backup, like that extra pen, which they use when they don’t have any option. You’re that late option, they need when everyone else is busy. They invite you in their parties, just only to make fun of you. Basically, you’re the lucky one because they know, they have your back and the unlucky one at the same time, as you know that you don’t have their back. Each time you ask it out, they deny it, saying you’re different. Seems, you’re not ‘enough’ to get along with them. They label you as ‘boring.’_

People say falling in love is the best feeling. But trust me, you’ll get butterflies in your stomach the day you meet a real friend, who will make you comfortable when you be yourself. You’re not boring, but in a wrong company. Some day, someone will rescue you from this prison. The people you call your friends are nothing but a bunch of ruthless people. You’ll lose nothing when you leave, but they’ll definitely lose a gem in you.

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