To the one who tolerates every insult,

To the one who tolerates every insult,

Listening to insults does hurt a lot, doesn’t it? They search for a reason and when find one, they exploit it to shower all repelling words upon, making you doubt yourself.

Bearing them with patience is tough, something you don’t need to punish yourself to do. They are one of the greatest obstacles in your path of self-esteem and acceptance. Don’t mistake them for your critics, for they don’t offer any genuine criticism marked by the boundary of respect. They spread hatred and instigate everyone against you and you need to be beware of them.

The failure of accomplishing or standing up to someone else’s expectations is no blatant excuse to insult someone. However different or unsuccessful you are, you shall not bear their ingratitude with silence. Gulping them down your throat only demeans your value, not theirs. You need to silence them, for your self-respect cannot be put into fire just because some arrogant, self-centered people insult you.

Your right to your dignity is something no one should attempt to snatch away from you and you need to fight to preserve what is yours. Next time someone insults you, fire back. Not with insults, but fill them with guilt and assert your independence. It will make them tremble and they will feel ashamed. Remember, they don’t criticise you but search for a reason to derogate your worth. So stand up and defend yourself and don’t put your self – confidence at stake.

Yours lovingly,
A fighter.


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