Dil Bechar

#DilBechar #SushantSinghRajput

Dear Manny,

How long does it take to make a person smile, who might have not done so for years? Maybe because that person is not as normal as you and me. Yes, that’s what I thought about you as the movie started, ‘normal.’ Very few have the guts to cheer up someone when you, yourself are suffering. You gave someone a ray of hope to live when the countdown had already started.

Giving away little parts of your happiness to take away someone’s sorrow costs nothing, you proved it and you made us believe life is not about ‘me’ and ‘myself’, it’s about ‘us.’_

“Janam kab Lena hai aur Marna kab hai hum decide nahi Kar sakte par Kaise Jeena hai Woh hum decide kar sakte hai”

Your way of living wasn’t ordinary, you were not normal, you were special, and you made everyone around you feel it. You knew how to live in the little moments of life, which we all ignore worrying about tomorrow. You knew to embrace the gift of life. Somehow, you did teach us to live our life to our fullest today and not to wait for tomorrow. You never lost hope, even when your days were numbered.

“Mai bohut bade bade Sapne dekhta hun lekin usko Pura Karne ka man nahi Karta”
You gave your entire life, to fulfill someone else’s dream, how selfless were you.

Guess what? JP’s bhojpuri film turned out be a superhit. It made us cry till our hearts ached and finally, you became what you had wanted to, all along; a hero. You ruled our hearts and our eyes.

You lived life as if it was the last day you’d see the world. And living life to the fullest in all the time you have, is all that counts, doesn’t it?

Seeing you for the first time, dancing on Thalaiva’s tunes with JP, we realised how lively, funny and playful you were. You instantly put a smile on our face. Quite effortlessly.

Even if you were dying of Osteosarcoma, all you ever cared was about Kizzie’s dreams. You held onto her, took her to meet Abhimanyu Veer, completed “Main Tumhara” and you gave her a forever within the numbered days. And trust us, we really felt jealous of JP because he had a friend like you and we didn’t.

Not only did Kizzie, but we all pretended that you weren’t dying, that you weren’t going anywhere. But just like Kizzie says, cancer and happiness don’t go well together. And with time, we lost you. We had to face an inevitable ending, which we all were fearing about.

Know that, your love story will never end and neither will our love for you. Because just how you gave us an infinite number of emotions in a limited amount of time, we gave you an infinite amount of space in our hearts forever.

“Seri?” “Seri.”

But then, like every other story, this ends too. It started with a beautiful arc of smile on our faces and ended up with teary eyes. Perhaps, someone has truly said, “everything will be good in the end, and if it’s not goodz it’s not the end.” True, it’s not an end, because you’ll always reside in our hearts to make us smile, to teach us how to live life, how to embrace it and to make us realise why is it important to live every second of your lives, because nobody knows, if there’s a tomorrow or maybe not.

You’ll be missed, Manny.

Someone who needs a Manny in life. #dilbechara #sushantsinghrajput #jamshedpur #ssr #sushanthsinghrajput #faultinourstars #SushantSingh

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