Don’t look back, you are not going to your past

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With every year passing by, you yearn to enter a new and better phase in your life. Memories are bitter-sweet and integral parts of our lives. You want to change, yet letting go of the past seems so difficult.

You want your life to be blissful. But, whenever you attempt to take a step forward instantly, you take ten steps backward. You are the one prohibiting yourself from having a good life.

You have undergone pain in the past. You have been let down too many times. Failures have stared at you in the face. You have been left alone at the hardest of times. Slowly, you lost faith.

So, you decided to hold grudges. Who do you suppose to hurt by grasping onto those memories? Neither those past situations nor will those people will change. Life is a tad bit cruel. Bad experiences left you scarred for life. When you revisit the past, no one else is afflicted but you. You are bruising yourself more than anyone else could.

There are times when you have to stand there, take the most difficult of decisions and still smile. You feel exhausted and you rush back to the past.

If you keep looking back how can you heal? Let go of the past that bruised you. 
Pack up your troubled thoughts in a case and throw it into the deepest corner of your soul. Without pain, healing cannot happen. Change is difficult but necessary.

Stop scouring those wounds. Let them heal. With time, you will get what you desire. You will find the affection you have been craving for. You will find people who truly care. You will be the person you aspire to be.

None of this can happen if you keep on running back to your past. Take a leap of faith and let go of the pain. Don’t look back because you are not going that way. Darkness always desists to welcome the dawn. Walk down the path and welcome the light. Trust me you won’t regret it.

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