We need Green Recovery

When it comes to #AirPollution, we can’t afford a return to normal. We need a #GreenRecovery! 😷🌍
Industries such as oil and gas, coal, aviation, and auto-manufacturing have received significant financial and regulatory relief as governments around the world enact pandemic recovery plans 💰
Very often, no environmental conditions have been attached to the funds; the governments did not even require companies to keep workers on the payroll in exchange for this support 🙄
As governments look to rebuild amid #covid19, they must ensure that we build back in a way that is good for the economy and safe for our lungs. Air pollution is a problem that we know how to solve and doing so is more feasible than ever ✅

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are now cheaper than polluting fossil fuels in most parts of the world, even before taking the cost of air pollution into account ✅

Research shows that investment in clean air programs can yield returns of 30 times or higher. In addition, accessible, clean energy-powered public transport systems not only bring health savings due to reduced smog but also increase mobility ✅
We need clean energy and transport, both for 𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙩𝙝 and 𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙚𝙨.
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Google for India Digitization Fund

Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the company’s sixth edition of Google for India event announced a ‘Google for India Digitization Fund’. Through this initiative, the company will invest ₹75,000 crore, or approximately $10 billion in the country in the next five to seven years. 
The investments will focus on four key areas. This includes providing information to all Indians in their own language, whether it’s Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil or any other.
Second, Google will focus on building products that are relevant to India’s unique needs.
Third, it will help empowering businesses for their digital transformation. Fourth, Google will focus on leveraging technology and AI for social good. This includes sectors such as health, education, and agriculture.
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Credit: Hindustan times

India develops new software for Corona Viruse Testing


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IIIT Bhagalpur has developed a software that can read chest X-ray films/plates & upload them to a computer within a second to diagnose #COVID19. This will reduce cost of diagnosis to under Rs 100! Hats off to Director Prof. Arvind Choubey & his team.

#Covid19 #Coronavirus #India #Pandemic#Outbreak #Hotspots #Contagion #Lockdown#IndiaLockdown #IndianEconomy #StateOfEconomy#economy #home #office #indoors #airborne 

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Airborne spread

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The World Health Organization is acknowledging the possibility that COVID-19 might be spread in the air under certain conditions – after more than 200 scientists urged the agency to do so.⁠

Airborne spread “particularly in specific indoor locations, such as crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces over a prolonged period of time with infected persons cannot be ruled out,” WHO said.

#Covid19 #Coronavirus #India#Pandemic #Outbreak #Hotspots #Contagion #Lockdown #IndiaLockdown #IndianEconomy #StateOfEconomy #economy #home#office #indoors #airborne #WHO

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Coherence is one of the best science fiction movies. The physics in the movie mainly deals with the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics. I won’t share further details to spoil the fun for you. Go watch it and share your review. 
Also suggest if there are some other interesting science fiction movies if you watched so far. I mean except the popular ones like Interstellar, Inception, Arrival and others.

Parallel Universe

#NASA #ISRO #ParallelUniverse #Universe #Galaxy

 The experts used a giant balloon to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, or ANITA, high above Antarctica, where the frigid, dry air provided the perfect environment with little to no radio noise to distort its findings.

A constant “wind’ of high-energy particles constantly arrives on Earth from outer space.
Low-energy, subatomic neutrinos with a mass close to zero can pass completely through Earth, but higher-energy objects are stopped by the solid matter of our planet, according to the report.

That means the high-energy particles can only be detected coming “down” from space, but the team’s ANITA detected a heavier particle, so-called tau neutrinos, which come “up” out of the Earth.

The finding implies that these particles are actually traveling backward in time, suggesting evidence of a parallel universe.

Let Go… Embrace it

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Look forward and let go of the things you can’t control.
If you do a survey of all happy people or people who are content, most of them would give you the answers that would lead to one conclusion. The conclusion is simple: they feel a sense of control.

People who feel content, who feel happy, who feel that they are living life to their fullest potential, feel that they are in control of their lives.
This doesn’t mean that they are in absolute control of every single thing that happens to them. But it does mean that they are in control of how happy they are at any given moment. This is a very important element that is missing with people who are constantly regurgitating the past.

As long as they are looking backward, they’re cannot be in control. What controls them is the past.
Do you see how impossible that is? Can you imagine trying to drive a car without looking forward? If you are always looking in the rearview mirror, or turning your head backwards, you will never be able to steer yourself in the direction you want to go.

You will only know what is behind you, and not what is coming up ahead. Do you see how ridiculous that is? You can’t control things that happened in the past, so stop looking that way.
When you decide to let go of regret and turn your eyes forward with both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road, you regain control and you are able to drive any direction and go anywhere you please.

So, please, don’t waste your time and energy thinking about stuff that happened in the past that you really can’t change or control any longer. Though you will never change history, you CAN change how you feel about the past.

Always look forward and celebrate the things you learned from what happened in the past. Embrace the fact that you are better for it.

It’s all connected
Your circumstances
Your purpose
Your imperfections
Your journey
Your destiny
It’s moulding you
Embrace it✨

.Be grateful for today and never take anything for granted. Life is a blessing. 🙏


#Seeker #Iam #Positivevibes #Meditation #Yoga #Innervoice

The seeker is he who is in search of himself.

Give up all questions except one : Who Am I ? After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are.

The ‘ I am’ is certain. The ‘ I am this’ is not. Struggle to find out what you are in reality.

To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not.

Discover all that you are not – body, feelings, thoughts, time space, this or that – nothing, concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you.

The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.

The clearer you understand that on the level of mind you can be described in negative terms only, the quicker will you come to the end of your search and realize that you are the limitless being..

Never Give Up

#Dreams #Plans #Goals #Hardwork #Consistency #Dedication

Life can feel impossible sometimes. Discover what to do when you feel like giving up.
While giving up seems to be the easy thing to do, it is in fact, easier to continue on the path to your goals. Many people have a tendency to give up because they don’t have direction. It is possible that they lack a plan as well.
While there may be a myriad of reasons as to why a person gives up, I would like to discuss seven things to help you go forward without the fear, anxiety and worry of NOT completing your goals.
You must remember that your goals are very important. You were the one who thought of them and wanted to complete them. Thus, you must resist the urge to simply abandon them.
Here are seven things to do when you feel like giving up.
1 Start with a Plan.
Planning is extremely important when you are setting out to complete a goal. During this time, you will have an idea of what you want and how you will go about completing your goals.
Divide tasks into manageable steps. This will also help you gauge your progress. When you have created measurable steps, it’s easier to see how far away or how close you are to your dreams.
2.Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.
We must remember that “life” happens – and it will also continue to happen. You need to realize that you can’t be worried about every single negative thing that happens. Know that you have everything inside you that you need in order to make your life better.
When you focus on what you have and NOT on things you don’t, you’ll feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation. Thus, the universe can provide you with more of what you want. So don’t sweat the small stuff.
When you lose focus on the goal and start sweating the small stuff, this is when you feel like giving up. So stay the course. This is accomplished by not worrying or being overly anxious about things that may come up while working on your goals.

Don’t let something in your past stop you from making a decision today to live the future you want.

“People on the success curve live a life of responsibility. They take full responsibility for who they are, where they are, and everything that happens to them”

Be grateful for today and never take anything for granted. Life is a blessing. 🙏